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Fargo, North Dakota


Hello my name is Kate Baldock! I grew up in Oxbow, ND, with my mom, dad, and sister. They are such a support to me in my business and I could not do it without their love. I am married to my husband Josh and we live in Fargo with our two cats Stella & Ollie! Josh is my best friend and I also could not do what I do without his love and support! From a young age I have had a passion for art, friendship, and fashion. I combine all three of these into my everyday lifestyle! I am a growing artist who specializes in acrylic on canvas. I would describe my style of painting as fresh, modern, and unique. I use a variety of bright/neutral colors and love to mix in texture and line to my abstract work! I enjoy creating fine artwork for homes and businesses. My entrepreneur spirit is driven by my faith in God, experiences in my life, animals, friendships, and gourmet cuisine:) My faith is always growing and a major part in who I am today. If I can bring happiness and inspiration to those around me through art that is what it is all about.

Contact us if you are interested in purchasing artwork.

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