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Manning, North Dakota


Read about this artist below. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing artwork.

About the Artist

As a long-time outdoor enthusiast and part-owner of Lazy 77 Ranch near Manning, North Dakota, artist Kaye Burian has all the inspiration she needs right outside of her studio window. She has an appreciation

of her natural surroundings as well as the wildlife, cattle, and horses who inhabit them. She feels that one can only paint what one appreciates and knows.

Burian is grateful to everyone who invites her to their western activities or to tour the surrounding country beside studying her own. “It further enhances my knowledge and appreciation of the cowboy way of life,” said Burian. Many times, she has drawn from her rodeo and ranching background to give her paintings an authentic and realistic look.

Burian is an accomplished artist with a Bachelor of Science degree in art and elementary education from Dickinson State University. She taught art in local schools for six years before turning to painting full-


Burian is a long-time member of the American Quarter Horse Association and has always ridden an American Quarter Horse whether showing or participating in rodeo. Kaye was honored with the 2013 America’s Horse in Art, Steel Dust Award. Her work has been featured in America’s Horse, Southwest Art and Western Art Collector.

Burian works primarily in oils on canvas. Her subject matter relates to her surroundings emphasizing the animals and scenes within them.

In October 2022, Kaye Burian was named an ICON artist of The Capital Gallery for her longevity as an artist, the quality of her work, her contributions to the Gallery, and her far-reaching impact on the

world of art.

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