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Sykeston, North Dakota, residing in Bismarck, ND


Credit: Linda Donlin

Read about this artist below. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing artwork.

About the Artist

Linda Donlin has been an artist since she was a little girl growing up in central North Dakota. Her artistic pursuits of drawing, painting, writing, and singing have brought her great joy throughout her life. Hours fly by when you can lose yourself in doing something you love!

Donlin channeled her interest in writing and visual arts into a rewarding career as a public relations professional and rose through the ranks in communications and marketing departments in energy, healthcare and higher education. Her spare time was spent honing her skills as a painter and singer. Her formal education focused on communications and business, but she took drawing and painting classes whenever possible from local and regional artists and online, as she searched for a style that she preferred. She fell in love with impressionistic, impasto paintings, done primarily with a palette knife.

Donlin launched her art career in 2017 and has been going full speed ahead since then. She works mostly in acrylic and oil and enjoys painting subjects that relate to things she loves: nature, the arts, and the beauty of the Upper Midwest. She is pleased to be represented by The Capital Gallery in Bismarck, ND. She currently operates out of studios in North Dakota and Arizona.

Her paintings are vibrant with soft edges; dimensional with texture, layers and highlights; and true in shape and form. They are more impressionistic than detailed and precise. As she has grown as an artist, her style has evolved to what she calls the cross-section between sculpture and painting.

Each piece of art she creates comes from a place deep inside, springing from the gifts God gave her and flowing through her fingers onto the canvas to shape a work that she is hopeful will be meaningful in some way to those who view it, appreciate it, and choose to make it a part of their lives in one way or another.

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