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Wildwood, Missouri


Read about this artist below. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing artwork.

About the Artist

Michael Haynes resides in the mountains near Salida, Colorado. He has won numerous awards including the Addys, the Communications Arts Show in Los Angeles and The Society of Illustrators Show in New York. His work is in private and public collections in the U.S. and abroad and has been published on five continents.

His paintings depicting significant moments in United States history and are in the collections of the United States Army, the National Park Service, the United States Postal Service, the North Dakota Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and were selected as guides for the National Geographic’s Lewis and Clark IMAX production.

His work has hung in the White House and the office of the Secretary of Defense. His work as a “Quick Draw Artist” set a record price at the C.M. Russell Art Auction where he was the guest speaker, presenting his talk, “Striving For Accuracy In Historic Art.” Haynes has also been a guest speaker at the Prix de West Art Auction at the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

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