I'll Be Home  November 16 - January 31

The second annual exhibition of I’ll Be Home, a unique mixture of fine art displayed with home furnishings and décor, opens its doors Wednesday, Nov. 16 at The Capital Gallery in downtown Bismarck. The exhibit is sponsored by The Title Team.

Featuring the breathtaking land and skyscapes of Michael Haynes, I’ll Be Home will transport its viewers to another world, through a combination of joyful sounds, cheering aromas and glittering visions of holidays past and present.

The exhibit’s opening was delayed a week due to a blizzard that was predicted and then hit Bismarck in full force. "I hope as many people as possible can take in this show despite the accommodations we've had to make for weather," says Programming Coordinator Sally Chernenko. "It's really a gem.”

Haynes, Wildwood, MO, says that he combines research with the power of composition, color and light to create a painting that entwines the literal with imagination, leading the viewer into the moment. This exhibit features his sky and landscapes, but his historical work is found throughout the National Park Service system and is known for its value in historical interpretation. Throughout the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Haynes was commissioned for numerous paintings depicting scenes from this epic trek across America.

In addition to Haynes’ pieces, new works by several other Capital Gallery artists will be featured in this beautiful holiday exhibition. The show will be on display at the Gallery through the month of January.

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