On Display in September and October

“Bison Ballet” Staged in The Capital Gallery


That trembling sound you hear just may be from dozens of bison art, herded into The Capital Gallery for “Bison Ballet,” running through October 18. Presented by Gus Mueller and Karen Jacobus, the exhibition is in partnership with the Dakota Bison Symposium, staged in mid-September at Bismarck State College.


“We are so excited to be working with over 20 artists, each, in their own way, expressing how these ‘Primas of the Plains,’ look though their mind’s eye,” says gallery co-director Marci Narum. “From highly detailed, representational paintings, to expressive or abstract, along with bronzes and other three- dimensional works, it’s a fascinating display,” she adds.


Featured artists include four new to the gallery:

  • Shane Balkowitsch

  • Sam Coleman

  • Marcella Rose

  • Robin Reynolds

  • Sarah Snavely

  • Ellen Moses


Along with:

  • Kaye Burian

  • Vern Erickson

  • Walter Piehl

  • Monte Yellow Bird

  • Butch Thunder Hawk

  • Linda Donlin

  • Donna Cristy

  • Katrina Case

  • Andrew Knudson

  • Cherie Roshau

  • Ellen Diederich

  • Sally Chernenko

  • Patrick Shannon

  • Bob Matz

  • Rhonda Whited

  • Brenda Molinaro

  • James McCulloch


The Capital Gallery is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or by appointment.