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The Capital Gallery to open in downtown Bismarck

Works from dozens of artists across the state will be on display at a new gallery opening in downtown Bismarck. The Capital Gallery will be a multi-functional retail gallery with pieces for sale, oil paintings for display and an office for the Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation. The historic Woolworth's building in downtown Bismarck may be a work of construction at the moment but in a few months time, it'll be a work of art. "We have amassed a wonderful art collection that is now part of the state park art system at Washburn, and we know how to do art. And so we work with all the great regional artists," said Foundation President David Borlaug, Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation. The Washburn offices of the Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation are moving to the new location and the gallery will bring in additional revenue to supplement fundraising with store front sales. "We're going to have something for everyone when they walk into this gallery. We'll have a beauty gallery store front with pottery and blown glass, original art that maybe could be purchased for $25 to $50 to $100," said David Borlaug. Part of the gallery will be dedicated to showcasing the works of greats from past and present including Gary Miller. And planners say buzz about town is positive. "Reception has been great. A lot people in person, social media, on our Fort Mandan Facebook page, have been really receptive of us coming to Bismarck and joining the art community," said Nicolette Borlaug, communications director, Lewis and Clark Fort Mandan Foundation. The Capital Gallery will open at the end of summer. The gallery will be at 109 N. Fourth St. in Bismarck.

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