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Artists at new gallery in Kirkwood Mall working live during the holidays

By: Nikiya Carrero

An art gallery is bringing some color to shoppers walking through the Kirkwood Mall.

The Capital Gallery Holiday Shop has one goal — and that is to bring art to the people. With locations all over the state, the art gallery hopes to bring in some holiday cheer through works of art.

“You can come in and just drink it all in and be on your way. Whether you buy anything or not, we’re providing an art experience,” said David Borlaug, the Director of the Capital Gallery.

The art industry has felt the effects of COVID-19 just like a lot of others. Over the last several months, artists like Linda Donlin have been using the downtime to perfect their technique.

“I took an online class and then I’ve been experimenting and gradually building on that technique. Which is the more sculptured, the heavier textured pieces. I took some classes on it and just been learning to make it my own,” said Donlin.

“On the flip side it has allowed artists to do that one thing that many of them struggle with, and that’s devote themselves to their art every day, day in and day out, in the studio. Focused,” explained Borlaug.

Throughout the week people can catch three artists painting in person right in the middle of jumping from store to store. And it allows artists to interact with people that they typically wouldn’t get to.

“We’ve had kids who come in and say, ‘I love to draw and I love to paint. How do you do this?’ We’ve had people come in and say, ‘I’ve always wanted to be an artist. I love to watch you do this,'” said Donlin.

The plan is to stay through Christmas, but the success will determine their future here at Kirkwood Mall. One of the 3 artists drives down all the way from Anamoose just to do this.

You can find them there during regular mall hours.

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