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Fargo, North Dakota


Read about this artist below. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing artwork.

About the Artist

A natural scientist and explorer, Alicia Hauff has always studied the world around her with an insatiable curiosity. She is highly driven to get to the root of things, make connections, gain insight to share, and truly see things as they are in all their nuance.

In 2023 her work’s purpose evolved to focus on the ecology of roots and home, deepening a sense of time and place on the northern prairie grasslands. She works at the intersections of natural history, ethnobotany, folklore, and ecology to create mixed media works of varying subject matter, some of them outdoors. Foraging and creating natural inks and pigments is another part of her practice that directly connects her to the land. Her work invites folks to deepen their own relationship and connection with the land they call home.

When Hauff is not painting, you’ll find her tending to all the creatures in her life with her husband Matthew, including three sons, an Aussidoodle named Louie, houseplants, and gardens.

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