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Bismarck, North Dakota


Read about this artist below. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing artwork.

About the Artist

Brenda Molinaro, a ceramist, resides in Bismarck, North Dakota. Her home studio is often visited by four creative grandkids, one destructive cat, a friendly dog, and a patient husband.

Growing up on a farm near Valley City, North Dakota, she developed a love of nature and the outdoors. Her work reflects the connection to creation, and captures organic forms, texture, and movement.

Molinaro appreciates the fluidity, the strength of clay, and the challenges of ceramics. Each work is a discovery of a new subject, a fresh glaze combination, a found clay body, or a higher kiln fire.

Her work has been represented in art galleries in Bismarck and Fargo, North Dakota for many years. Her ceramic pieces are in many private collections and her bronze bias relief works are installed in several states. Molinaro’s largest bronze, the State Plaque, is at home in the Great Hall of the North Dakota State Capitol.

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