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Take a Ride 'Across the Burning Hills'

Experience the beauty of the burning hills of the North Dakota badlands through art, pottery, metalworks, and narrative at The Capital Gallery’s latest exhibit, “Across the Burning Hills.”

Across the Burning Hills

Featured at the exhibit on display through December is a collection of the original illustrations from the recently released book, The Magic of Medora, by Linda Donlin of Bismarck as well as her new Badlands-inspired paintings; metalwork and sculptures by Dave Badman of Grand Forks, paintings by Katrina Case of Anamoose, ND; and pottery by Tama Smith of Beach, ND.

Linda Donlin enjoyed a rewarding career in public relations, but left corporate life to pursue her love for art. Her paintings hang throughout the country, with client commissions representing half of her artwork. Motivated by her granddaughter's curiosity about Medora, Linda identified the need for a resource clearly describing the historical town's past and present in an appealing way. The Medora Foundation approved, and Linda researched, wrote, illustrated, and, in 2023, released The Magic of Medora book. That process inspired her paintings for this exhibit, strikingly demonstrating the appeal of the beautiful Badlands and North Dakota’s premier adventure destination.

(Courtesy Linda Donlin)

David Badman describes being "blown into" Grand Forks during a blizzard in 1975 when his father was in the Air Force, and has operated art businesses there since 1988. He now owns Bd (Badman design) in downtown Grand Forks. David is a diverse sculptor of jewelry, accessories, indoor and outdoor decor, and sculpture. His work has been featured in several publications, on HGTV’s Modern Masters, and sold throughout the United States, and he is now becoming recognized around the world.

Katrina Case took a detour after getting an art degree to a medical career, made her way back to art, and has been winning awards around the country and beyond ever since. Most notably, she was in the top 10 artists — and the only finalist from the United States — in an international show in Spain. She paints for charitable organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation and the Coalition to Stop Violence against Native Women. A seven-year resident of North Dakota, she loves painting its landscapes.

Tama Smith started honing her skills as a fire potter under a Japanese master potter and has developed a precise, unique style for her shaping, glazing, and firing. She throws around terms like "air-to-gas ratio," "visible back-pressure," and the "ever-elusive" "reduction atmosphere." Her pieces have been exhibited in markets around the country and in such renowned gift shops as the Smithsonian National Museum and Disney World. She and her husband have run Prairie Fire Pottery in Beach, North Dakota, since 1995.

Come join us to view the fabulous works that will take you on a "ride" Across the Burning Hills. All items at the exhibit are for sale.

An artists' reception will be held Thursday, November 16, 5:30 – 7:30 pm, with book signings by Donlin and live music.

Special thanks to our exhibit sponsors:


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